Tulips Signify Spring

March 11, 2020 by Team Journey North

Tulips continue to emerge throughout the United States, and more Journey North gardeners are reporting first blooms.

“Third grade students at Riverside Elementary looking at their first tulip blooms!” Submission by Tessa (Columbia, TN; 03/08/2020)

Spring is Here (Almost)

The spring equinox is just over a week away, and tulips are a sure sign that spring is almost here. Journey North gardeners are reporting tulips emerging as far north as Minneapolis, Minnesota. The arrival of spring means variable weather across much of the Northern Hemisphere, yet no matter rain or shine, tulips are bringing a smile to all who see them!

Are you seeing emerging or blooming tulips? Be sure to report your sightings!

From La Jolla, CA: Kimberly observed, “our first tulip has emerged from the ground! It is typically warm and sunny here in San Diego and we are grateful to see our tulips growing!” (02/24/2020)

From Fortson, GA: Kim noted, “we are excited to see our tulips emerging; especially since here in Georgia we have had nothing but rain lately. We thought maybe they had gotten too much water.” (02/25/2020)

From Fort Wayne, IN: Chris said “we waited for the snow to melt and we’re delighted to see so many of our tulip bulbs emerging!” (03/03/2020)

From Garland, TX: Jane shared, “our first tulip of 2020 blooming at the Garland Community Garden, stewarded by loving Garland Green. Three other buds near the bloom stage were also noticed. We noticed the buds and blooms are on much shorter stalks. The tulips have all emerged (50), but do look much shorter overall than previous 2 years.” (03/07/2020)

From Minnetonka, MN: Amy noted, “we had some warm days in Minnesota. The snow melted and our tulips emerged!” (03/09/2020)

Track Change

Study the map to see where there’s action!

Inspire students to think and act like scientists as they observe seasonal changes in the garden. Use notebooking sheets to record soil temperatures, measure growth, and draw and describe the garden. Provide a workplace where  they can document discoveries and record questions.