Spring is Here!

March 25, 2020 by Team Journey North

During these difficult times, spring's arrival and the sight of emerging and blooming tulips is spreading much-needed joy across the Northern Hemisphere.

“Tulips, hooray!” Submission by Matthew (Harwood, MD; 03/22/2020)

Tulips as far North as Canada

Spring has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Emerging tulips are being reported as far north as Ontario, Canada. Some Journey North gardeners are observing early emergence and blooms, while others are noting that winter is not leaving quietly. For students who have shifted to distance learning, teachers are keeping them updated on their tulip test gardens by sharing reports and photos.

Are you seeing emerging or blooming tulips? Be sure to report your sightings.

From Chicago, IL: Beth shared, “Our tulips emerged recently. We are sad that school is now closed, but our teacher, Ms. Manning, lives close enough to check on the tulips for updates to report to the class.” (03/09/2020)

From St Catharines, ON: Margaret observed, “18 tulips emerged in my front garden.” (03/10/2020)

From Lewistown, MT: Steve noted, “60 degrees yesterday, 45 today, with rain followed by 6 to 18 inches of snow forecast for this weekend. Three tulips are emerging in and area where we planter 24 bulbs last fall…feels like spring but going back to winter.” (03/11/2020)

From Newport News, VA: Judy noted, “Virginia Living Museum staff member Darl Fletcher reports that the first Journey North tulip planted in the museum’s Children’s Learning Garden by fall event visitors was photographed as a large red bud the late afternoon of 3/13/2020 and probably bloomed the next day. The Children’s Learning Garden began with Journey North tulips planted in Fall 1998. The average date of bloom from the first 20 years of CLG data is 3/23, so this year the 1st tulip bloomed 9 days earlier than that average date.” (3/14/2020)

From Hinesburg, VT: Lisa shared, “The snow just melted, and already our tulips are emerging! Today is 34F and sunny.” (03/16/2020)

From Shakopee, MN: Marta noted, “It has been a fairly mild winter and our hillside plot has been free of snow for a few weeks. The ruler shows this clump of plants to be 2 inches tall. I will be keeping track of plant growth and sending photos to students who are starting distance learning as a result of the Corona virus.” (03/19/2020)

Exploring Together

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Signs of Spring

What makes you think of spring? Are you noticing other signs of spring besides tulips? Submit your other signs of spring sightings to Journey North: Go to the Journey North sightings page and under the ‘Select Species or Event‘ dropdown menu, select ‘All Other Signs of Spring’. Let us know what you are observing!