A Toast to our Tulip Test Gardeners

May 19, 2020 by Team Journey North

This is the final Tulip Test Garden News Update for Spring 2020. Thank you to all of the Journey North gardeners – including many schools – who shared reports of emerging and blooming tulips! During these uncertain times, your enthusiasm for the return of spring and beautiful photos of tulips have spread joy throughout our Journey North community.

“The Granite Street Elementary School’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students planted 90 tulips in September. Every single one bloomed; creating a welcome mat in front of a once busy school that now waits silently for its occupants to return.” Submission by: Laura (Millinocket, ME; 04/29/2020)

Thank You!

This past fall and winter, 171 Tulip Test Gardens were planted by our dedicated Journey North community. Almost all of the gardens reported emergence, and over 100 (and counting) reported blooms. Thank you to everyone who participated and followed along! 

A special thank you to all of teachers and students who participated under difficult circumstances. Out of all of Journey North’s projects, Covid-19 has impacted the Tulip Test Gardens the most as schools make up a large portion of participants. It was heartwarming and inspiring to see teachers, other staff members, and volunteers keep their students updated by sharing reports and photos remotely. 

We hope that come next spring, we can once again see students watching their Tulip Test Gardens grow first hand.

Tulips Emerging

Although summer is on the horizon, tulips are still emerging in Alaska and Canada!

From Miramichi, NB: Lisa said, “our tulips have emerged! Schools have been closed here since March 13th, so we have not been able to do regular observations. We still had a lot of snow on our garden when we left and had more snow storms in March, April and a big one on May 9th. They probably emerged in late April, based on past years data. Just waiting for them to bloom now!” (05/05/2020)

From Shageluk, AK: Joyanne shared, “we have several tulip sites because it is very challenging to grow this species of tulip. So this place is at the south end of the Shageluk runway. It’s gravely, well drained and has been free from snow for over two weeks. I checked this place May 11 and there was no sign of any tulip emerging at all. Between May 11 and today, HOLY COW, Tulip green-up AND budding is happening. We have had temps in the low 60s, nice afternoon suns and a couple of nice rains.” (05/14/2020)

Tulips Blooming

Tulips are blooming throughout North America as May brings spring rains and warmer temperatures. The northernmost report of blooming tulips has come from Kodiak, Alaska.

From Decorah, IA: Rachel said, “our tulips are so beautiful! I’m so glad the deer have left them alone!” (05/04/2020)

From Kodiak, AK: Peggy observed, “a little more sun and we’ll have more buds opening! Such a bright spot for this spring.” (05/12/2020)

From Montpelier, VT: Linda noted, “our tulips are beginning to bloom! Only 5 are blooming so far, but we have more on the way!”

From Norway, ME: Tom said, “there are more [tulips] that are close but only this one opened today.” (05/15/2020)

From Staples, MN: Cathy shared, “spring is finally here in Staples, MN! Here is one of our tulips that has finally bloomed.” (05/15/2020)

Keep Reporting and Stay Tuned!

Even though the Tulip Test Garden News Updates are ending for the season, you can still report emerging and blooming tulips .You can also participate in other Journey North projects throughout the rest of spring and early summer. Report your sightings of hummingbirdsmonarchs, songbirds such as orioles, and much more. Your reports provide valuable data.

What will happen to your tulip garden this summer? Watch the website for the last of the gardens to report in, and stay tuned until the fall when we resume this project.

Have a great summer!