A New Year for Exploring

January 5, 2021 by Team Journey North

It's a new calendar year! When will your tulips emerge and bloom?

“1st grade girls planted tulips on a beautiful December day. This is the latest we have planted tulips. The ground was not frozen and the air temp was 54 degrees F.” Photo by: Anya (Philadelphia, PA; 12/10/2020)

Spring is Around the Corner

Gather your questions about tulips, gardens, planting experiments, daylight, and climate.

  • Are my tulips growing?
  • How does weather affect tulips?
  • What is happening underground?
  • Where on the map will the first tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips emerge?
  • When will my tulips bloom?

Come spring, report from your garden twice: when your tulips EMERGE, and when your tulips BLOOM.

Time to celebrate over 142 Test Gardens planted across the Northern Hemisphere! Also watch the map for gardens in warmer regions to appear in early 2020. 

Stay tuned – monthly news updates begin late February/early March 2021.