A Toast to our Gardeners

May 21, 2021 by Team Journey North

This is the final Tulip Test Garden News Update for spring 2021. Thank you to all of the Journey North gardeners — including many schools — who shared reports of emerging and blooming tulips. Your enthusiasm for the return of spring and beautiful photos of tulips have spread joy throughout our Journey North community.

“[Tulip] starting to open.” Photo by: Lisa (Ste-Julie, QC; 05/10/2021)

Thank You!

Last fall over 140 Tulip Test Gardens were planted across North America. Most Journey North gardeners reported emergence, and almost 100 (and counting) reported blooms. Thank you to everyone who participated and followed along! 

Tulips Emerging and Blooming

Although summer is on the horizon, tulips are still emerging and blooming in New England and Canada. 

Tom in Norway, ME: “Have to keep [tulips] fenced or deer eat the plants.” (05/07/2021)

Elaine in Thompson RM, MB: “We ended up having to plant after an early snow fall in October. Now in May the kids were ecstatic that the bulbs came up. With this being an exceptionally dry year many plants are struggling to get started. We planted them in the community memory garden that the students plant in honor of fallen Veterans. It is an important part of our community spirit in grade 6.” (05/07/2021)

Phyllis in Pictou County, NS: “Tulips are opening now, revealing their array of spectacular colour! Snow tomorrow however!” (05/08/2021)

Sharon in Edmonton, AB: “Our first tulip is blooming and more are close behind as long as the rabbits don’t get them. Since they emerged just over 3 weeks ago the weather cooled almost 20 degrees. It has been very dry and we had our first big rainfall 2 days ago. We have been watching closely since. We are new to this project, but according to the person who did it in the past this is our best ‘showing’ ever.” (05/10/2021)

Keep Reporting and Stay Tuned!

Even though Tulip Test Garden News Updates are ending for the season, you can still report emerging and blooming tulips. And watch our Tulips Bloomed map for the last of the gardens to report in.

You can also participate in other Journey North projects throughout the rest of spring and early summer. Report your observations of hummingbirdsmonarchs, songbirds such as orioles, and much more

Until next fall! Have a great summer.