Spring Is Here

March 21, 2022 by Team Journey North

Spring's arrival and emerging and blooming tulips are spreading joy across North America. What signs of spring are you noticing?

“Our tulips began emerging the second week of March! The students planted them at the base of trees at our school.” Anya in Philadelphia, PA (03/09/2022)

Emerging Tulips

Spring is here and more gardeners are reporting emerging tulips. Where will tulips be emerging next week? Explore maps from previous years to compare data and make a prediction.

Cindy in Charlottesville, VA: “On November 18th, the 5th grade at Tandem Friends School planted 20 tulip bulbs. Three months and 22 days later, we found that twelve tulips had sprouted! The heights ranged from 1.5 cm to 9 cm.” (03/08/2022)

Patsy in Independence, KS: “Mrs. Bloomfield’s first grade class is excited to report that our tulips have emerged! It is a cold, cloudy day today. It may snow in the near future. Most of them are not really very tall, reaching only about 6 cm. One, pictured here, was much taller and looked weird. Of the 150 we planted, approximately a dozen have emerged. We are scientists and it was fun and exciting to see them growing.” (03/10/2022)

Amy in Minnetonka, MN: “The snow has finally started to melt in Minnesota and our tulips have emerged!” (03/18/2022)

Blooming Tulips

Reports of blooming tulips are still largely concentrated farther south in the U.S. 

Shannon in New Bern, NC: ”Several tulips have bloomed.” (03/15/2022)

Report Observations

If you planted a Tulip Test Garden last fall, don’t forget to report twice: when tulips EMERGE and when tulips BLOOM.

Signs of Spring

What makes you think of spring? Are you noticing other signs of spring besides tulips? Report your observations to Journey North. Use the reporting category All Other Signs of Spring.