Signs of Spring

April 4, 2022 by Team Journey North

More Tulip Test Gardens are emerging and blooming throughout North America. This spring, report from your garden when tulips emerge and bloom. What other signs of the season are you noticing?

“Seven tulips have emerged an inch or less.” Photo: Amanda in St Paul, MN (03/25/2022)

Emerging Tulips

April has arrived and more Journey North gardeners are reporting emerging tulips. This year’s northernmost Test Gardens are located in Alaska. When will these tulips emerge? Explore maps from previous years and make a prediction.

John in Bloomington, NY: “Today I observed that a great number of the 1000 tulips I planted have emerged.” (03/26/2022)

Kelly in St Paul, MN: “Ms. Moua’s class observed 23 or more tulips emerged and none blooming. We are happy and excited to see all of our emerging tulips.” (03/28/2022)

Christine in Parkhill, ON: “[Tulips emerging] all on West side of house. Two inch high leaves.” (04/01/2022)

Blooming Tulips

Despite variable spring weather, blooming tulips are being observed as far north as Maryland.

Cindy in Charlottesville, VA: “On March 22, we noticed that two of our tulips have bloomed. The tallest tulip that has bloomed is 9 1/2 inches and the shortest tulip that has emerged is 3 inches.” (03/22/2022)

S in Silver Spring, MD: “The tulips bloomed at St. Francis International School, Silver Spring, Maryland, despite the unusual cold temperatures and a hard frost.” (03/28/2022)

Holly in Monett, MO: “First flower just opened today.” (03/30/2022)

Other Signs of Spring

 Are you noticing other plants and animals reappear this spring? Report these observations to Journey North. Use the reporting category “All Other Signs of Spring”. 

April is Citizen Science Month!

Citizen Science Month encompasses online events and opportunities to contribute to citizen science initiatives from home. This April, Journey North celebrates our citizen scientists and encourages others to join this important effort. Watch our Journey North video to learn how to participate.