Colorful Blooms

April 25, 2022 by Team Journey North

More tulips are blooming as May approaches. And some tulips in gardens farther north are just beginning to emerge. What other signs of the season are you noticing? This spring, report from your Tulip Test Garden when tulips emerge and bloom.

Photo: Catherine in Scarborough, ME (04/20/2022)

Tulips Emerging

In northern latitudes, this year’s spring has felt more like winter. Some Journey North gardeners are just starting to report emerging tulips.

Linda in Anchorage, AK: “Tulips in our raised garden bed are just starting to emerge.” (04/18/2022)

Tulips Blooming

Throughout the U.S., tulip blooms are spreading joy and adding color to the landscape.

Christine in Princeton, NJ: “They are red and beautiful!! All of the 25 we planted bloomed!” (04/11/2022)

Rana in Cleveland, OH: “Of the 27 tulip bulbs that emerged, 4 have just bloomed! The 2nd graders at Birchwood were excited and amazed and cannot wait to see the rest of them bloom.” (04/12/2022)

Reminder About Reporting

If you planted a Tulip Test Garden last fall, don’t forget to report twice: when tulips emerge and when tulips bloom. And if you report this spring but did not report your planting last fall, please let us know in the comments field of your observation. For a refresher on Tulip Test Garden protocols, check out this step-by-step guide.

Other Signs of Spring

Are you noticing other plants and animals reappear this spring? Report these observations to Journey North. Use the reporting category All Other Signs of Spring.