May Brings Flowers

May 9, 2022 by Team Journey North

Tulips are blooming throughout North America. But some Journey North gardeners in more northern locations are still awaiting first blooms. There are two weeks left to report results from your Tulip Test Garden. What other signs of the season are you noticing?

Photo: Kelly in St Paul, MN (05/09/2022)

Tulips Blooming

From Montana to Ontario, more Tulip Test Gardens are blooming as spring progresses. But some Journey North gardeners in more northern locations are still awaiting first blooms. 

N in Saskatoon, SK: “It’s been a cold spring and the ice banks have only just disappeared from my yard. Tulips are starting to emerge in a sunny southern exposed site.” (04/29/2022)

Ann in Apple Hill, ON: “3 tulips out of 36 planted are in full bloom. All the others should bloom in the coming week!” (05/02/2022)

Steve in Lewistown, MT: “Finally the Tulips are in bloom.” (05/03/2022)

Two Weeks Left to Report Tulips

Only two more weeks to report your Tulip Test Garden emergence and bloom dates. Tulip news updates end on May 23.

Keep sharing your other observations with Journey North. Are you observing hummingbirdsmonarchs, or songbirds such as orioles? You can participate in these and a number of other Journey North projects throughout the rest of spring and early summer. 

Exploring Together

Looking for fun activities to do at home? Journey North has many informative educational resources and activities.

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