Celebrating Another Season

May 23, 2022 by Team Journey North

This is our final Tulip Test Garden news update for spring 2022. Thank you to all the gardeners, including many teachers and students, who shared reports of emerging and blooming tulips. Your enthusiasm for the return of spring and beautiful photos of tulips have spread joy throughout our Journey North community.

“Our red and yellow tulips bloomed!” Photo: Amy in Minnetonka, MN (05/09/2022)

Thank You!

Last fall, 120 Tulip Test Gardens were planted across North America. So far this spring, over 100 blooms (and counting) have been reported. Thank you to everyone who participated and followed along! 

Tulips Emerging

Summer is on the horizon. After a cool spring across much of North America, tulips are finally blooming in more northern locations such as Edmonton, Alberta and Anchorage, Alaska.

Joel in Minneapolis, MN: “Hale School students celebrating the long-awaited blooming of their tulips. After a long and cold spring, we are grateful to finally see them in bloom!” (05/09/2022)

Sharon in Edmonton, AB: “Our tulips are blooming in Edmonton, Alberta! The first four are blooming on a beautiful 20 Celsius day. Been watching them closely as earlier this week we had frost and a dusting of snow.” (05/12/2022)

Linda in Anchorage, AK: “A number of tulips have emerged and buds are on 6 with one of those fully opened. My students and I built three structures of PVC and mesh chicken wire to cover the 12-foot bed to discourage moose from eating the tulips.” (05/20/2022)

Keep Reporting and Stay Tuned!

Even though Tulip Test Garden news updates are ending for the season, you can still report emerging and blooming tulips. And watch our Tulips Bloomed map for remaining gardens to report in.

You can also participate in other Journey North projects throughout the rest of spring and early summer. Report your observations of hummingbirdsmonarchs, songbirds such as orioles, and much more. 

Until next fall! Have a great summer.