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January 9, 2023 by Team Journey North

When tulips emerge and bloom, report your observational reports to Journey North. This project is a great way to spark curiosity about phenology.

“The morning and afternoon preschool classes planted 20 bulbs on a cold afternoon with temps in the high 40’s.” Comment and photo: Cherie, Midland Charter Township, MI (10/20/2022)

Bulbs Planted Now Waiting For Spring

Tulip bulbs have been planted across the U.S. and Canada. Journey North Tulip Test Gardens can now be found in 33 U.S. states and 1 Canadian province. When will these bulbs emerge and bloom? Watch the Journey North Emerged and Bloomed maps to find out.

The Outdoor Classroom

These gardens provide outdoor learning laboratories to explore concepts such as phenology and pollination.

Amy in Providence, RI: “We have been learning about being stewards of the earth and acknowledging the original nations here in Providence. By planting these [100] tulips, we aim to beautify and sanctify this land.” (10/16/2022)

Kimberly in Millstadt, IL: “250 bulbs planted on the south side of the house. We are an educational farm where youth will track tulip progress.” (11/25/2022)

Kimberly in Munford, AL: “It took the 1st graders 2 days to plant all [150] bulbs. They did a lot of digging but their hard work will pay off in the spring when the courtyard is covered in Red-Emperor Tulips!” (10/31/2022)

Cara in Flower Mound, TX: “The tulip bulbs were planted at Old Settlers Elementary school’s monarch garden. The garden runs north-south. The school surrounds the garden in a U-shape (west, north, east sides) and the west side extends about 2/3rds further to the south. I mention the building shape and direction because it has an interesting impact on how light enters the garden. As the sun rises in the east, the light expands in wide stripes from west to east. Monarchs entering the garden early in the day, fly up/down visiting the flowers as they’re unveiled by light. It’s very cool to watch. The [250] tulip bulbs were planted just outside the fence to the main monarch garden (marked red in the picture). The bulbs run north-south 15’ x ~3.5’. The sunlight will reach them in the early afternoon each day and will remain until sundown. A couple of days after the bulbs were planted, the temperature dropped from 30’s/40’s F during the day to 10 degrees for several days.” (12/21/2022)

Kelly in St. Paul, MN: “Third Grade students…planted our [60] tulip bulbs. It was a cold morning, but that did not stop us from being excited! We can’t wait to compare emerging and blooming dates with other St. Paul Public Schools, Belwin Outdoor Science, and other schools in North America!” (11/07/2022)

Amy in Burley, ID: “The Environmental Science class at the College of Southern Idaho Mini-Cassia Center planted 200 bulbs as part of the CSI Foundation Tulip fundraiser!” (10/25/2022)

Sabrina in Athens, WI: “Kindergarten students at Maple Grove Charter School in Central Wisconsin planted [25] tulip bulbs in the SNOW! This is our first project through Journey North and we couldn’t be more excited to track everyone’s progress throughout the year.” (11/17/2022)

Stay Alert For Bulb Emergence

Thanks for planting!