Moving North

April 24, 2020 by Team Journey North

Rufous reach the interior of Idaho and Montana. Rubies still migrating north.

“Amazingly he was right on schedule.” Photo submitted by Benna (Bloomington, IN; 04/21/2020)

Don’t Forget To Submit Your “I am Journey North” Selfie 

You have plenty of time to submit your I am Journey North photos. This project will run until May 31st. 

From Kenduskeag, ME: Ann submitted her I am Journey North photo standing next to her hummingbird feeder. She is still “waiting for the hummingbirds.” (04/22/2020)

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Where are the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Now? 

Compare weekly migration maps to see where the hot spots for Ruby-throated Hummingbird first arrivals have been this past week. Journey North citizen scientists in Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio as well as Delaware, New Jersey, and Massachusetts have seen a lot of action at their feeders.

From Kansas City, MO: Cindy saw her “first ruby at my feeder at 2pm.” (04/21/2020)

From Acushnet, MAKay observed her “First male ruby of the year.” (04/23/2020)

Idaho And Montana See First Rufous Hummingbirds 

As is typical at this time of spring, Rufous hummingbirds are being reported across western British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon, and have moved across Idaho into western Montana.

From Fraser-Fort George, BC: Berry exclaimed, “It’s spring here in Salmon Valley Prince George,BC Canada. The first male arrived this morning and a female a couple hours after this is about as far north they will go. and they are right on time as they arrive here around the 20 th of April.” (04/20/2020)

From Kamiah, ID: Pam sees her “First of the season.”  (04/19/2020)

From Libby, MT: Sherri, “saw my first rufus today about 1 o’clock. it.” (04/20/2020)

From Missoula, MT: Barbara “just walked into my bedroom and glanced out the sliding door where I have a feeder hanging on the corner of the eave and there was a hummer sitting on the feeder. Ran and got my phone and right when I went to snap the pic, it flew off. A few days early for them here by about 5 days. I put my feeders out this past Saturday. (04/21/2020)

Other Species

It seems that every hummingbird species is just on the cusp of a big migration push. Black-chins, Broad-tails and Calliopes are being reported across the mountainous west. 

Looking For Fun Activities To Do At Home? 

Look no further! Journey North has many resources for anyone with a curious mind. This week our Exploring Together feature presents information on Food Consumed at Our Hummingbird FeederKeep track of the nectar hummingbirds are consuming at your feeders. You might be surprised to learn not only how much they consume, but also how their life cycle is related to eating patterns throughout the season.