Mystery Class Sunlight Challenge: Week #15
May 4, 2018 by Julie Brophy

Introducing the Mystery Classes of 2018!

Postcards showing locations MC #1 MC #2 MC #3 MC #4 MC #2 MC #5 MC #6 MC #8 MC #7 MC #10 MC #9 MC #10

Week #15: So Much to Celebrate!
Meet your new friends from around the globe and celebrate all that you learned during your search!

Recognition: Mystery Class Certificate

As you searched for the secret sites, you learned new skills and made exciting discoveries. Celebrate your efforts and success!

Mystery Class Certificate

Gratitude: A World of Thanks!

Sincere thanks to all ten Mystery Classes! Your clues and introductions helped us explore the world and learn exciting facts about you and your schools, cities, and countries.

A World of Thanks
Also a world of appreciation goes to astronomy expert and teacher Rod Nerdahl. Once again he carefully compiled the sunrise/sunset data you reviewed each week. Ad Astra!

Wanted: Locations for 2019

We're looking for classrooms outside the United States to be Mystery Classes for 2019!


Mystery Class 2016?
Evaluation: Share your Thoughts

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Journey North Evaluation
This is the final Update of the season. Thanks for traveling the world with us.