Last Weeks of November

November 17, 2023 by Nancy Sheehan, Program Coordinator

As another fall migration season draws to a close, a heartfelt thank you for dedicating time to submit your monarch and milkweed observational reports. Monarchs are still making their way to overwintering locations in Mexico and along the California coast. This issue, Texas observers still reporting roosts. While awaiting the opening of the Sanctuaries, Estela Romero describes geothermal wells in the area. Gail Morris reports monarchs settling at California groves.

Monarchs roosting on Canary Island date palm trees. Photo: Kathi in Matagorda, TX (11/15/2023)


Eastern Monarch Population

December approaches, but some monarchs are still making their way to overwintering sites in Mexico.

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Monarchs have yet to consolidate at the Sanctuaries. Since the Sanctuaries have yet to open to the public, Estela Romero provides a glimpse at the exciting energy future of Mexico: state-of-the-art technology geothermal wells. 

Letter From Estela Romero: From Monarchs to Energy

Carta de Estela Romero: De las Monarcas a la Energía

Western Monarch Population

Cooler air and a series of winter low-pressure systems are approaching the California coast signaling a change in the seasonal weather. Monarchs are settling into groves along the coast as volunteers begin the annual Thanksgiving Counts to compare the number of this year’s successful migrators to earlier years. So far, the early numbers of the monarch overwintering population appear lower than in recent years. 

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Targeted Monitoring Effort Continues: Please Report Overwintering Monarchs in Southeastern U.S.

Journey North encourages volunteers to report winter monarch sightings in the Southeastern U.S. from December through March. If you live in the Gulf states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida as well as Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, we want to hear from you. See Instructional Flyer