Still Journeying North

May 30, 2019 by Team Journey North

More sightings from the Great Lakes Region and in New England.

“Female adult in my yard.” Photo by: Anne (Wiscasset, ME: 05/25/2019)

More Milkweed Emergence

The monarch’s northern limit is defined by milkweed’s northern limit. This linked map shows the northern extent of milkweed. Journey North citizen scientists have observed milkweed emergence along this northern line of milkweed habitat. Milkweed sightings have been reported in the the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and throughout the Great Lakes, the Maritimes, and New England. 

From Huntsville, ON: Kathleen noted, “One of 2 plants spotted at the side of a sandy ditch. I have been searching for a couple of weeks and these are the first I have seen.” (05/25/2019)

From Ironwood, MIJeff  ”observed the first common milkweed of the season this morning in my yard. I hope this means that the Monarchs will be arriving soon.” (05/28/2019)

From Searsport, MECyrene, “Three inches, one plant!” (05/25/2019) more

Monarchs Reaching Northern Limits and More Sightings Arriving From the Great Lakes Region

According to Journey North citizen scientists, monarchs are approaching their northern limits.  

From Cobourg, ON: Matthew commented, “Today, while I was walking along the beach near my house, I saw a monarch butterfly fluttering around some of the milkweed.”(05/26/2019)

From Fergus Falls, MN: Helen “saw a Monarch flying around my gardens about 6:00 pm today. Checked my little milkweeds and found multiple eggs. About the earliest in the year that I have ever seen a Monarch.” (05/28/2019)

From Chicago, IL: Steve submitted this comment with his photo, “One of many pictures taken. There were many Monarch butterflies in this area. I was definitely able to count 6 but there were many more. (05/27/2019) more

Numerous Egg and Larvae Sightings Along Milkweed Trail

Journey North observers have sighted eggs and larvae all along the Milkweed Trail. Eggs are being deposited on milkweed shoots where milkweed has yet to grow higher than just a few centimeters.  

From Central Manitoulin, ON: Joe “Observed and photographed 6 eggs on shoots 4-8 cm in height. Observed 2 monarchs laying eggs.” (05/26/2019) more

From Pellston, MIAbby found, “3 eggs on 2 different plants. Day after an adult was seen in the same location.” (05/27/2019) more

From Oakville, ON: Andrew & Shelley reported, “This little guy/gal surprised us by showing up 2-3 days before he was expected…” (05/27/2019)

Partnerships Are Critical To Journey North

More data is needed to better understand monarch migration and to guide conservation efforts.

To learn more about monarch migration in western North America, read Gail Morris’ Western Monarchs 2019 Spring Report #16

Journey North is grateful to Gail Morris and the Southwest Monarch Study. We need more people and organizations to encourage more monarch sightings submissions to Journey North. This week, Journey North would like to highlight the work of Joe and Marilyn Shorthouse who are promoting Journey North monarch citizen science efforts in the Great Lakes. Joe and Marilyn are members of the Great Lakes Islands Alliance. 

Please Keep Reporting Your Sightings to Journey North