Participate in the 27th Annual Symbolic Migration Project

August 29, 2022 by Team Journey North

Don't miss participating in the Symbolic Migration Project. Deadline to register: October 7, 2022.

Sample of Symbolic migration ambassador butterflies received by students in Mexico. Photo: Estela Moreno (2021)


Symbolic Migration: Register Now!

Help us reach our target of 2000 participants. Since registration opened, 150 Passenger Tickets have been purchased. There are only 6 weeks until registration closes. Don’t wait. Register now.

Registration is simple. Fees are nominal. 

Step #1: To participate, you must go to the Monarchs Across Georgia Symbolic Migration Registration Page.

>>The complete details on how to participate are in the Leader Packet for the 2022-23 Symbolic Migration season. 

>>Questions regarding the Leader Packet and how to register? Contact Monarchs Across Georgia [].

Step #2: To display your participating school on an interactive map, you must also register with Journey North where you can enter your Symbolic Migration Project participating school and upload one photo of an ambassador butterfly - or collection of ambassador butterflies. Watch the map, showcasing the international scope of this project. 

>>The complete details on how to register and map your participation are found in this how to webpage 

>>Questions regarding mapping with Journey North? Contact us.

Step #3: Once you have registered with Monarchs Across Georgia and mapped you participating school, nature center or home, let the learning begin.

>>Find fun educational resources on the Journey North website linked here.

The Symbolic Migration Project is a partnership project between Journey North, a program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, and Monarchs Across Georgia, a committee of The Environmental Education Alliance, a 501(c)(3) organization. Journey North manages the interactive Symbolic Migration Participant Maps and hosts all educational materials on the Journey North website. Monarchs Across Georgia administers the program and is responsible for all fundraising.