Make an Origami Folded Whooping Crane

Creating beautiful origami paper cranes is a great classroom project. Origami is an artistic discipline because it combines the careful following of directions with precise folding. The finished product is an object of beauty and skill.

Just follow these steps:

1. Get a plain piece of white paper. (Photocopy paper or computer printing paper works well.) To start, make the paper a perfect square by taking one corner to the opposite adjacent side and folding to create a triangle. Then carefully cut off the extra strip of paper, leaving a perfect square folded into a triangle.

2. Starting with the triangle, follow these directions to complete your origami crane:

Directions for folding cranes found on these 3 pages.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

3. After folding, add black wing tips and a bright red crown to complete your crane.