Advice from Mystery Class Teachers

These suggestions and descriptions were submitted by teachers at different grade levels who use Mystery Class. Do you have any suggestions — or photos of your students in action — that you'd like to share with others? We'd love to see them: Please e-mail us!

Project Organization and Timeline
Project Flow; Analyzing Data
Grade: 5 (tip for all grades)
Using Graphs and a Large Map
Grade: all
Step-by-Step Schedule - Grade 3
Step-by-Step Schedule -
Grade 7
Photoperiod (Day length)
Tip for Calculating Photoperiods +
Visualizing the 24-Hour Clock
Kids Calculating Photoperiod
Grade: all
Graphing Photoperiod — and Interpreting Graphs
Graphing Photoperiod:
A Different Approach

4 & 7
Working with Younger Students
Tips for Younger Students
Younger Students, Fewer Mystery Classes
Student calculating

Estimating Approximate Latitude
Grade 7 +

Longitude & Literature
Grades: 4+
Longitude Place Marker
Rappin' and Rhyming With Longitude
Other Topics
Presenting Your Case for a Place
Grades: 4/5
Presentation Chart
Cross-Cultural Celebrations of Light