Update: March 31, 2011
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March came and now it's time to say goodbye to the month of lots of weather surprises. In some gardens bare ground turned into red blossoms this month. What happened in your garden? Set aside the time to really look at your flowers with a lesson that takes its clues from Georgia O'Keeffe. Don't forget to Ask the Expert this week.

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Flower Power

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Surprise in the Test Garden
"What a great surprise! We came back to school after Spring Break and found beautiful red tulips blooming. Hurray!" reported gardeners this week from Evansville, Indiana.

In Willow Lake, South Dakota they are beginning to see signs of spring. "After a long winter with a huge amount of snow, spring is finally arriving. The snow is melting. Under the snow we discovered our tulips are emerging. We can't wait until they bloom!"

March weather has been everything from soup to nuts! We will look more closely this week at what changes have occurred in the Test Garden this month. Where were nighttime temperatures still below freezing? Explore last week's extreme minimum temperature map for clues about whose gardens are still "on hold" yet this year.

minimum temps map
March 20-26
Minimum temperatures
Tulip Test Gardens: North America
Journey North Test Gardens: Europe, Fall 2010


(North America)
This Week's Map Questions Handout
Focus: Art and the Unexpected Beauty of Spring
"Nobody sees a flower, really--it is so small--we haven't time, and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."
Georgia O'Keeffe

Plan now to do something special to celebrate the Test Garden in BLOOM. Make an artistic journey from the garden to the classroom using clues from Georgia O'Keeffe's art!

Gather your blooming tulips, or tulip pictures, paper, and chalk. Use this technique to focus and capture the beauty of a tulip flower, or any other wonder of spring.

flower art
As in nature, each flower is unique.

Explore: Outsmart the Critters

Whether you have pesky rabbits, hungry deer, or digging squirrels, Test Gardens can be nature's snack bar. Tasty tulip plants and bulbs provide early and crunchy green salad makings unless you outsmart the critters.

Ask the Expert

Special thanks to Dr. Bud Markhart for sharing his time and expertise to answer your questions! You still have a week left to prepare and submit your questions to Dr. Markhart. Study this poster for inspiration.

Ask the Expert Still Open!
March 25 - April 8, 2011.

Bud Markhart
Tulip Test Garden Expert Dr. Bud Markhart
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