Update: March 21, 2013
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As temperatures increase, tulips emerge. How does your garden look today?

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Waiting and watching
Photo: Karen Frick
Waiting and Watching
News: Weather and Emerging Gardens

Warming Up and Emerging
Your garden observations clearly tell the story that tulips emerge as temperatures increase. Many reports included phrases like "warm spell" or "warmer than average" when their plants emerged or bloomed. How has this winter's weather affected your garden?

Sprouting Up in Pennsylvania
Sixth graders in Wilkes Barre reported, "It's been a cold winter, but we enjoyed a mild weekend in the low 50's. Happy to see tulip #24 emerged. Cold and wind continues with highs in the 20's." 3/11/13.

Measuring Up in Iowa
Homeschoolers in Pella were surprised to see this year's tulips emerge. "About 20 percent of our Red Emperor bulbs emerged from the ground after two days of rain!" 03/10/13


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thermometerPhoto: Melissa Anisel
Warming Up

snowy garden
Photo: Paula Marie Longo
Sprouting Up

snowy garden
Photo: Melissa Anisel
Measuring Up

Explore: Your Garden Today

Under snow? Emerging? Blooming? Draw and describe how your garden looks today. Then predict what you expect to see in April.

Science Notebooking
Photo: Melissa Anisel
Draw and Predict
The Maps: Test Gardens

How does temperature help us predict when and where tulips will emerge? This spring, explore the relationship between temperature and plant growth in your Test Gardens.

tulip map


tulip map
(North America)
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