Monarch Butterfly News: November 6, 2013
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Millions of monarchs have yet to reach their overwintering site in Mexico, a region only 73 miles wide. How the butterflies find this place—where none has been before—is one of nature's greatest wonders.

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November 6, 10 pm EST
First monarchs have arrived!
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Monarch butterfly overwintering region in Mexico
A Tiny Place
News: No Monarchs Yet...
Estela reports cold, rainy weather and empty skies in Angangueo. She suspects the tropical storms on Mexico's Pacific coast may be responsible for the delay.

"We're still waiting to see the first monarch. Everybody I ask says the same thing, including the guides at El Rosario Sanctuary."

Silence from the Migration Trail
For a second week, the final 300-mile stretch of our map is empty. Is the migration stalled or are there no observers reporting from this region?

"There were no reports all week from the states of San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, or Guanajuato," says Rocio Trevino, Director of Correo Real.

Our southernmost report is still the roost in Tamaulipas:

"I've been watching the 5,000 or more monarchs feeding in a large field of girosoles and sleeping in a nearby walnut tree," notes Biologist Alfonso Banda Valdez, state Director of Natural Resources.

Children monitoring the monarchs' arrival in Mexico
No Monarchs Yet!
Peak Migration Map for Monarch Butterfly Migration
Silence from the Trail
Monarca en girosol
News from Mexico: Letter from Estela
Estela shares details about Dia de los Muertos in this week's letter.


Monarch Butterflies nectaring in Iowa prairie
Tracking the Migration: Map and Journal
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