Special Update: Celebrating the Arrival of Monarch to MBBR

November 6, 2023 by Nancy Sheehan, Program Coordinator

A little late but the monarchs have arrived.

The mountains of central Mexico. Photo: Estela Romero (11/06/2023)

Eastern Monarch Population

Last week we could not announce the arrival of monarchs to their overwintering sanctuaries in Mexico. Late on Friday, we received news from partners in Mexico. Monarchs arrived the day after the Day of the Dead. 

Ana Moreno, Cerro Pelon Butterfly B&B, describes the arrival of monarchs. Ana writes: "We're so happy to inform you that finally the monarchs were seen in Cerro Pelon by the Butterflies and Their People Guardians and the CEPANAF rangers (Comisión Estatal de Parques Naturales y de la Fauna)...." 

Read Ana Moreno's Letter

Estela Romero shares her first post from the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Estela writes: "With only hours of delay, our Monarchs heroically arrive this November 4-5 to their final destination in the coniferous forests of the “Sierra Chincua” and “El Rosario” in central Mexico!"

Read Estela Romero's post: Spanish version | English version