Update: September 13, 2007   

Today's Report Includes:

  • Getting Started: What's It All About?
  • Maps, Predictions, and Questions: >>
    • Predicting the Arrival of Spring 2008
  • Explore: Where to Plant >>
    • Deciding Where to Plant
    • A Garden Tour
  • Links: This Week's Tulip Garden Resources >>

Please Report >>
After You Plant Your Garden

Getting Started: What's It All About? Printable Booklet >>
Video >>

What's it all about? Read this hands-on, introductory booklet about the Journey North tulip garden project. Use easy-to-follow directions to print and fold the booklet, or watch a slideshow version.

When Does Spring Reach Your Hometown?

Maps, Predictions, and Questions
  • Predicting the Arrival of Spring 2008 in Your Neighborhood and Across the Globe

Where Will Tulips First Emerge?

It's time for your predictions! >>

This week's map questions (handout) >>
Explore: Where to Plant

Your tulips will announce the arrival of spring in your community. You need to decide where to plant them. What do plants need to survive? What factors might affect the growing tulips? Where can you plant them to represent your local temperatures?

  • Deciding Where to Plant (rubric)
    To help you choose your site, go out and explore the schoolyard climate. Find North, South, East and West on a compass or GPS. How might the direction your garden faces affect plant growth?

Try these activities and checklists! >>

  • Garden Tour and Geography Challenge (slideshow)
    Come along and visit some Journey North gardens. We will give you the dates these gardens emerged, then you predict where they were planted.
    Good Luck! >>
Resources: This Week's Tulip Garden Resources
  • Imagine a Garden Site: Brainstorm, then explore the schoolyard to find
    a garden site >>
  • Take-Home Tulip Garden: Repeating the Experiment >>
  • Going to Extremes: The Annual Microclimate Challenge >>
  • Tulip Garden Journals (click-and-print) >>
More Journey North Lessons and Teaching Ideas!

The Next Tulip Garden Update Will Be Posted on October 11, 2007.