Test Garden News: March 13, 2014
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As daylength increases, the sun's rays heat up the soil. It's time to celebrate the first blooming gardens!

Image of the Week
huge snowball
Photo: Holly Schack
Measuring and Predicting

News: First Blooming Gardens
It's happening! The first gardens have reported blooming. Fourteen more gardens emerged this week in Virginia, New York, Utah, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Colorado. Watch the map to predict when your garden will emerge or bloom.

Dunmore, Pennsylvania
"Several of the tulips have emerged, the rest of the bed is still covered with snow." 03/11/14

Locust Valley, New York
"We checked our tulip test garden and most of it is still covered in snow! We saw one tulip bulb that had emerged. Hopefully, the warmer temperatures will help the rest emerge soon." 03/11/14

Glen Allen, Virginia
"We were so excited to see the first of our tulip bulbs emerge! 149 more to go!" 03/12/14

Dallas, Texas
"We have one tulip which has bloomed. There were two others about to bloom. We are so excited! We are making books about our tulips using Book Creator on our iPads." 03/07/14

gardens under the snow
Blooming This Week!
Photo: Jennifer Waldron
emerging tulips!
Citizen Science
Photo: Lucinda Loafman
waiting for spring
Photo: Erin Hollingsworth
Explore Flowers: Botanical Journal
To celebrate the first blooming plants of spring take a closer look at flower anatomy. Zoom in on the shapes and colors of flower parts. Experiment with art materials to draw, color, and label parts of a flower for your own botanical journal.

Temperature testing
Ask the Expert: Opens Friday
What questions do these tulip images spark? Capture your questions and submit them to our Tulip Garden Expert, Dr. Mary Meyer.

Ask the Expert Will be Open
March 14 - March 28, 2014

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