Hummingbirds Still Arriving

March 29, 2019 by Team Journey North

Still seeing mostly male Ruby-throated hummingbirds in the Eastern U.S. Rufous hummingbirds make it to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.

“Our first male Ruby-throated Hummingbird of this spring.” Photo by: Carla (Crowley, LA; 03/24/2019)

Leading Edge

This week we find the leading edge of the migration along a line through Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina. Still only a few sightings as far north as Kentucky. Western species are progressing into Canada. 

Eastern Hummingbird Species — Ruby-throat Hummingbirds

From Crowley, LA: Carla noted, “Our first male Ruby Throated hummingbird of this spring appeared at the feeders today. From 3:30 p.m. until dusk at 7:20, he fed constantly among several feeders, including the fruit flies he was chasing down as they stirred in the mesh bag of banana peels and orange rinds. Between eating and drinking rounds, he’d just perch on the top of shepherd hooks, sometimes facing east or west, like he was staking out possible competition. He’s a bit too attached to all the feeders. I think I’ll be spreading them around the yard in case other hummingbirds come around. Another fun season with the hummingbirds!“  (03/24/2019)

From Dawsonville, GA: Tony exclaimed, Touchdown! One male hit the feeder at 7am. His arrival is 7 days earlier than we’ve ever recorded in 13 yrs.” (03/24/2019)

From Blackwell, TX: Lisa described that she had “just put up a feeder a couple of days ago, and this morning we had our first hummingbird getting a good long breakfast drink! Hummingbirds and warmer weather finally returning!” (03/17/2019)

Western Species—Rufous Hummingbirds

Rufous hummingbirds continue to push northward along the coast of the U.S. into Canada. This past week there has been a cluster of sightings on Vancouver Island and along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  Along the way they encounter Anna’s hummingbirds at the feeders.

From Comox Valley, BC: As Fiona noted, “Right on schedule, we heard the distinctive buzz late afternoon. Two males fighting over the feeders and chasing off our poor Anna’s that have endured a pretty tough winter. What a lovely way to officially begin spring along with the super moon that provided a great backdrop for our returning friends.”  (03/20/2019)

From Comox, BC: Susan had a feeling the first male Rufous hummingbird was going to arrive. She said, “I heard him first. He went to a new feeder I placed this year. Too quick for me to snap a pic.“  (03/22/2019)

From Delta, BC: As Gary and Denise noticed, “Our first Rufous hummingbird of the year, a male, 4 days later than 2018, also a male. Arrived just before sunset and made good use of every port on both feeders. Nice to see them back again although our resident Anna’s are unlikely to share our enthusiasm.“  (03/16/2019)