FINAL Migration Update: May 14, 2010 

The journey north is over and the miraculous cycle of life continues. Today we celebrate May's exiting events with photos, slideshows, audio and video. Five new nests in Wisconsin have everyone excited, and nesting condtions in Canada are good. View nests from the air with Eva and smile at the first babies in the Class of 2010. Why is this is this tiny whooper chick napping by a puppet?

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week

Photo Barb Clauss, PWRC

Why is this Whooping crane chick napping by a puppet?

Migration News: Map and Field Reports

Western Flock News

Data /Map

Eastern Flock News

Most of the cranes have reached their territories on the nesting grounds, and perhaps built nests. Chicks may have already hatched! In Canada, Lea will soon fly over the nesting grounds to find out. More:

This Spring's Migration
There are about 365 migratory Whooping cranes: 262 in the western (natural) flock and 102 in the eastern (reintroduced) flock. The map shows two distinct flyways and most migrations are complete!

The youngest birds are wandering to explore, but the older ones are settling. Sara tells of FIVE new nests! Hop aboard the airplane with ICF tracker Eva as she shares photos on Wisconsin's nesting grounds. More:

Chick Chat: First Babies for Class of 2010 

Whoopee! The Class of 2009 has come home to Wisconsin without any help, and the first chicks in the new Class of 2010 have hatched! Next October this special group will follow ultralight airplanes to learn their migration route south for the winter. They will return in spring to Wisconsin to help the new eastern flock grow.

As of today, six eggs have hatched. It's time to meet the Class of 2010!

Click on each chick to see who they are.

Class of 2010 Begins Hatching!

Nonfiction Story: Teaching Chicks to Eat

Whooping cranes are the tallests birds in North America, but they all start out TINY.

Create-a-Caption: What Will the New Chicks Do This Summer?
The whooping crane chicks that hatch in captivity this spring have an exciting summer ahead. They have a lot to learn before they journey south this fall — following an ultralight airplane! These slide shows give you a preview about the training and travels ahead of them. They'll get you ready to write your own captions for the Summer Adventures Slideshow!

Summer Adventures Slide Show
Create-a-Caption Handout

See these slideshows to help you with captions>>
Teacher Guide
Links: Helpful Resources to Explore

On the Nest!



Photo Matt Strausser, ICF

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More Whooping Crane Lessons and Teaching Ideas!

This is the FINAL Whooping Crane Migration Update for spring 2010. Thanks for cheering the two migratory flocks on their journey north. Join us in September as the now-hatching Class of 2010 prepares for its ultralight-led first Journey South! Until then, best wishes for a fun-filled, environment-friendly summer!